Natural Cancer Cures You May Not Know

Of all diseases, perhaps the hardest to accept and deal with is cancer.

In most cases, this ailment is detected at late stages, which makes it harder to cure. Many patients dread the prospect of being told that there's no vaccine or medication that can cure them. One of the most common cancer cures is chemotherapy. But it's not really an effective cure as it fails sometimes. For more info, check out chemo alternatives at this website.

People with cancer will try anything possible to get healed. Therefore, it's now generally accepted that some natural cancer cures work. These cures use the power of the emotions and mind to heal cells and tissues and remove blockages in the energy pathways.

Here are some surprising natural cancer cures you might not know

Tong Ren therapy

This natural cancer cure is a form of energy healing that was made by an acupuncturist and healer from Boston known as Tom Tam. This therapy became widely accepted after Tam successfully healed someone with cancer in 2001 by exclusively using energy healing. Since then, Tam has taught the cancer cure in group sessions known as "Guinea Pig". Tong Ren therapy sessions are held with patients seated in front of the guide, who talks to the patients. This is aimed at accessing collective unconscious so as to apply energy on points of treatment. It's said that nine in ten people who attend these sessions are able to lead a normal life.

Qi Gong therapy

Qi Gong is a Chinese term that literally means "energy work". It is a natural cancer cure that's said to work alongside Western medicine. This comprises exercises meant to bolster immunity and boost energy. These exercises are done under three principles: release of tension and relaxation, attaining a state of calmness as well as development and commitment of willpower. Click here for more information.

Pranic healing

This kind of healing is used alongside Reiki therapy. It uses prana or "life force" as well, the invisible force of energy that helps maintain good health. In Chinese terminology, this energy force is also called "qi". This therapy doesn't involve touching; it only utilizes prana to change specific biochemicals to speed up the natural ability of the body to heal and prevent a whole host of illnesses.

It's common knowledge that anything you focus on expands. In addition, the mind has great power, which can help treat the body. In all these natural cancer cures, the mind has the highest responsibility. You can get healed if you tap into it.
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